euphorbia is run by Charlotte Triggs.    Since 2004 I have been offering a bespoke and personal floral design service and I feel very fortunate that I work in this field.    I buy most of the flowers at the Covent Garden flower market at Vauxhall and they are all bought with a particular order in mind so you receive the freshest flowers.   I am also a holistic therapist offering massage therapy, reiki and organic facials.   Further information about the treatments I offer can be found on my feelgood treatments page.  The combination of my work in floristry and massage therapy is rather a unique one but one that is naturally complementary.  In my view flowers, plants and herbs are nature's healers and we find them in beauty products, flower remedies, essentials oils, homeopathy and natural medicine.  So you may find me placing some soothing fresh lavender in a new mother's bouquet in one moment and using jasmine massage oil in a remedial massage treatment for someone who is feeling depressed about a pain in their neck in another moment.   Nature is about being balanced and being in the flow - a vase of flowers is a reminder of that beauty and my massage treatments are all about helping bring people back to balance and helping the body to self heal.

       photographs by cat garcia